Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures... it's about time!

First – the girls’ dresses – I love sundresses! No frilly, poufy stuff for my girls (well, not when mom goes shopping without them, at least!). Aubrey’s is dark brown with bright pink flowers, so her. Also, she’s got on her first pair of heels. She loves them, she feels so grown up.

Then, some random pictures that have been hanging out on my camera for entirely too long…

Lauren is phasing out of needing naps, which means sometimes she falls asleep at dinnertime. At the table. While sitting in her chair. It’s hilarious.

And, all the toys two siblings spend hours fighting over, but put them both in a box, and oh the magic that happens. They flew, drove, sailed and maybe also were on a train for a bit. With one playing mama, the other playing baby. Always. It’s the game that gets played throughout every other game day in and day out – mama and baby. This box has become priceless, it brings so much peace to our home.

Now, back to Easter. This picture is of only a portion of the cantata singers. What I love about it, and about church, is that, in no order, you see: a shop owner, a house painter, a teacher, a Wal-Mart stocker, a city attorney, a dairy farmer, a retired shop owner, a great-grandmother, a business man, a housewife and an unemployed salesperson, among others. We may have nothing in common with the people next to us, except that we are all seeking Jesus. And really, isn’t that all the matters?

And, just because I like this picture, here’s one of my sweeties, looking especially sweet….

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  1. oh i looove pictures! so so cute! i love the one of Lauren sleeping. Classic.

    and the one of the singers, I spotted Andy right away!


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