Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, she's a crazy smart silly goofy thing

Sasha LOVES apples, doesn't love apple skin. I rarely give her a peeled apple, as I figure she'll get used to the peel and eventually eat it. (the peel is packed full of good-for-you, I want her to eat it!)

She has learned that the dogs will eat anything she drops. Anything. So, she nibbles her peel off her apple, drops it on the floor, and the dogs swoop in and eat the peel before she has a bite of naked apple in her mouth. This system works for them, and means I'm not picking up apple skin bits, but dangit, eat your peel, Sasha!

Also, she recently taught Andy how to play fetch, with her playing the role of the dog. Hilarious.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So far I am feeling very, very pregnant, but not in an enjoyable way at all. Combine the extreme exhaustion I had with Aubrey, the crazy aversion to real food I had with Lauren, plus the nasty near-24/7 nausea I had with Sasha, and constant mild pain in my lower back, and that sums up my last few weeks.

Suffice it to say, I am a bundle of fun. Less than 3 weeks, if this all ends at the end of my first trimester. For the sake of my marriage and family, I pray it ends then. Please, please, please pray with me that I feel better by mid-May. Pretty please?

And I could go on and on, complaining about things, but I'm going to try not to. I'm going to try really, really hard to focus on how exciting this is. We are going to have a baby! A baby that GOD decided we needed. A little person that the world needs, and we get to raise him/her. How awesome is that? Obviously I love all of my children, but there's a little something extra (not LOVE, just something) about knowing that this was not MY plan, but HIS. I can't get over that. Cannot.

Okay, I gotta go, it's time to puke. ;-)

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm walking on eggshells, waiting for the icky morning sickness to start. So far, I'm okay unless I don't eat enough, or I eat too much. And I'm fine with this level of sickness, except I'm afraid it's gonna get worse, and I'm waiting for that to happen. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Yuck.

Oh well. In other pregnancy relate news, most people I know are socially aware enough to know that some things are not cool to say to the pregnant lady. But for one girl I work with. Poor thing is seriously lacking in social etiquette. Her initial response to me was, "Oh God." At which point I walked away, using work as an excuse to not stay and chat longer. The next thing she said to me when she came into my classroom several minutes later was, "Uh oh???" To which I replied, "No!" with an edge to my voice implying that she was horribly wrong to think this baby was an 'uh oh.' Really, lady, none of your effing business!!!

And really, I do not mind sharing how this baby came to be (umm, not THOSE details, but the planned vs. unplanned aspect), but when someone is going to take such a rude stance, and NEVER ONCE say "Congrats!" or "How exciting!" or some other positive, encouraging remark, THAT person is not going to get any part of the truth. I will lie to her. Grrrr. She makes me so mad!!!

While I'm venting, I'm gonna let all the biotch out. Pregnancies are not 'uh ohs' or 'mistakes.' If you are having sex, you might get pregnant, even when using protection. Says so right on the box or package or printed material. Pregnancy is an assumable risk of having sex. A pregnancy might be a 'surprise,' but call my baby an 'uh oh' or a 'mistake,' and my fist flying into your face is an assumable risk.

Okay, enough about stupid people. Now for the juice. :-) This baby is God's plan, and our plans are quickly readjusting around God's plan! And we are fine with it. Excited, in fact. Really, really excited. Except for the waiting-to-puke, that is.

I want to not have an ultrasound, and be surprised by baby's sex upon delivery. Andy doesn't like that idea. We'll see what happens. I say an ultrasound is unnecessary, as we specialize in girls. :-)

Oh, and my 'due date' is November 26th. Our children have always been born on someone else's birthday. Well obviously we are all born on someone else's birthday, but I mean someone very important in our lives... Aubrey on her Godmother's birthday, Lauren on my grandmother's birthday, Sasha on Andy's dad's birthday. So, the weeks surrounding November 26th look like this: Andy 11/12, Andy's grandma 11/19, Andy's mom 12/9 (or is it 12/10? crap, it's one of those days). So, what day will it be??? :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011


About a month ago we upgraded vehicles. My much-loved maxima had become the 'golden turd' and was no longer safe for our family. We found an awesome deal on a perfect sequoia (I went suv instead of minivan... too many monstrous trucks in Texas, I wanted to be as safe as possible). And I LOVE it. We were torn between the sequoia or a large sedan, and boy, am I glad we went for the sequoia.

Baby #4 (YIKES!!!) is on the way, due late November. We are really excited. We told everyone on April 1st (hahahaha), and Aubrey wasn't sure she should believe us. I don't blame her, but it took lots of convincing! Our other kiddos are spaced 3.5 years apart, Sasha and Baby will be less than 2.5 years apart... I'm nervous about that, but know it'll work out.

So far, I'm feeling okay - my fingers are crossed that I stay feeling okay! And I'm down 4lbs this week... odd, as I have no puking to attribute it to, but whatever.