Monday, September 29, 2008


In 9.5 years, Andy and I have both claimed to LOVE camping, but had never actually camped together until this weekend. It was so much fun. So, so much fun. Andy did most of the cooking, which is the way he likes it (and I don't mind, either!) and I played with the girls. There were worms and acorns to be found, you know, and bathrooms to be investigated. But most importantly, there was a playground. A playground with a merry-go-round!!! The playground was maybe a 1/4 mile from our campsite, and Andy could hear our screams from that far away. And, just so you know, when I say "our screams," I mean mostly Lauren's screams, with a few of Aubrey's thrown in for good measure, and exactly none from me. I'm not a screamer. It was overcast, and was supposed to rain, but didn't. And the night was so much warmer then we anticipated, we had the tent partially open most of the night because we were too hot.

We got back from camping with enough time for me to shower and get ready for church, and then Aubrey and I went to church and a baby shower for a 6 week old baby recently adopted into a family of 7 - now 8. The family consists of dad, mom, 4 biological children and 2 adopted. They are so amazing. And inspiring. And I forget how small newborns come. Funny, but I didn't get baby fever holding Isaiah, but I got nursing fever. Even though Lauren still nurses at night, nursing a newborn is so much different, and I could almost feel the milk swirling around in my breasts, just holding that sleeping newborn.

I think fall is my favorite season. The smells, the crisp air, the turning leaves and the apples. Oh, the apples. I eat more apples in fall then I do all the rest of the year combined. Honey Crisp, Empire, Cortland, Ida Red, McIntosh. I become quite the apple snob this time of year, refusing to buy apples at the grocery store. Only an orchard or farmer's market will do. If there's an apple orchard anywhere near you, or a farmer's market, I urge you to buy some apples there. Yummy!

Friday, September 26, 2008

First of all

First of all, you should know that I want to be a blogger. A really good blogger, who tells interesting stories and posts neat pictures and never has a typo. A blogger who draws you right in with captivating titles and beautiful images. But I'm not that kind of blogger. I don't know how often I'll have something worth saying, but I want to, so I will try.

How 'bout a little bit of my life story, so you know me (or know me better, if you already happen to know me)?

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Met Andy in college, and moved to Virginia, got married 6/01 and had Aubrey 7/02. I never liked Virginia much, and I could ramble on and on about why, but I want to try and be positive in my blog, so we'll just leave it at I never liked Virginia. Left Virginia for Wisconsin in May of '03, Lauren was born 2/06. Never in my wildest dreams did I picture myself living in Wisconsin, but I love it. It truly felt like home until March of this year, when the man I left New Mexico for decided he wants to move back.

You should also know that I love to bake and sew, though I'm not great at either. Well, no, I'm really good at baking, actually, but my repertoire is limited. And I'll try to share some projects with you, but no promises.

I'm what some (*ahem* my husband) refer to as granola - love the earth, do some crazy "hippie" things like use cloth menstrual pads, wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar, breastfeed my children until they wean themselves, along with the more mainstream green things like use cloth grocery bags. I want to grown my own veggies and fruits, and raise chickens for eggs. Homeschooling my children is a dream of mine that I really want to pursue, but I'm kinda scared.

I have one younger sister, Alison, who calls Prague home. Hopefully she'll be back in the states for a few years here soon, I miss her. She is the coolest aunt - just ask Aubrey. Or Lauren. They both know the truth, they'll tell you. :-)

So this is where we are at..... living in Wisconsin but trying to find our way home. Patiently waiting to see what is in store for us around the corner.