Monday, April 2, 2012


- we went to Disney World for Spring Break. Awesome awesome awesome.

- Andy's grandfather died. He was just three weeks shy of 96. We cried, and then we were relieved. It was time.

- Zoe is getting B I G. 12 lbs already. Which really isn't that big, except she's my baby, so 12 lbs is far too big. And she's teething.

- Sasha likes to sing along to Adele. Today it was, "sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead."

- Whenever an insect strays into our house, I quick give it a name, and pretend like it's a long lost friend - the idea being that the girls will not run screaming every time they see a bug (this has actual proven quite effective most of the time). Lauren, being the crafty girl that she is, caught on to my game and found a bug and named it Rebecca. After her teacher, who has "the most beautiful name in the world. Besides, I didn't know teachers could have real names."

- By the way, I never name the flies. I say kill 'em. Especially the twerp that keeps landing on my leg as I type this.

- Aubrey is now being homeschooled. She was falling behind because she'd get too easily distracted by just about everything. We pulled her out at Spring Break, figured that would give us long enough to see if we thought we could do it, without being too detrimental to her if we couldn't. So far, so good. We are still working out the kinks as to how long to work each day, and what to be working on, etc., but she is learning, and she is happy. She used to be the happiest kid, and somewhere that happiness slowly dripped away. It's coming back, and for that alone, I am so glad we are homeschooling her.

- I have been reminded several times recently just how lucky I am to have my 4 girls. So I am hugging them extra tight, and reading to them past lights-out time, and saying "Yes!" to cookies (oatmeal!) for breakfast.