Tuesday, December 7, 2010

holiday madness

As soon as I flip the calender to December, the craft-madness begins. I really couldn't care less about black friday and crazy deals all over town on the coolest toys... just make sure Micheal's is open late for those inevitable craft emergencies. :-)

Veronica asked me if I'd be filling my etsy shop with more stars, so here's my answer... if I know you (you've commented here, or I've commented on your blog, or you know me beyond the computer...) I am happy to sell directly to you at a discounted price (cutting out etsy and paypal fees) plus, I'll ship to you for free* because, well, I love you. Send me an e-mail (rek4acre @ gmail DOT com) and we'll work it out.

If we don't have an established relationship, cyber or real life, please contact me through etsy and we'll work out details there.

I have about a dozen stars made right now that you can choose from, but I have to take pictures in the daylight first... lmk if you are interested, and I'll post pictures of my inventory. Also,I can make stars to order - pick your wire color (gold, silver, copper) and your bead color theme (endless possibilities, really).

Sound good? :-)

* I'll ship anywhere in the US, but only one address per order for free shipping.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Andy's Grandma Dorothy turned 90 on November 19th, and while we couldn't afford to fly all of us out to Seattle, we were able to send me and Sasha. So Sasha LORRAINE got to meet Dorothy LORRAINE, and we had a blast. I got to meet so many of Andy's cousins that I had never met before. Sasha made people fall in love with her left and right. She's got skills, I tell you. I'm already bracing myself for the teenage years.

This is Missy, we've been facebooking for awhile, I was so excited to meet her!

The Birthday Girl loving on the Baby Girl.

My most favorite picture of Sasha. Ever.