Friday, October 8, 2010

coughity cough cough

We've been coughing in this house since school started. On August 23rd. No longer sick, thankfully, but still coughing. Frustrating!

Oh, we may or may not be moving next summer. Cross-country. Again. Ugh. I'll keep you updated as I get real information, right now there is none.

And, if you've even wondered if a BlackBerry can swim, the answer is no. Sasha wanted to see how my phone would do in the dog water. It wasn't pretty. My service bar, that shows was network I'm in (3G, gsmt, etc.) actually said SOS. I kid you not. Had I not been so freaked out, I would've taken a picture. I'm pretty sure the SOS in this instance stands for Save Our Simcard.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Our family is growing!

'why aren't you running away from me? how am I supposed to chase you if you don't run away?'

Another canine has been added to the mix I call my zoo! (Did you think I was going to say we were pregnant? Nope, no plans for that in the near future, quite possibly no plans for that ever again. But that's really a different subject altogether!)

JoJo (fka Sophie - it did not fit, and she did not answer to it), a 4 year old female boxer, came to live with us a week ago. She's not as mellow as Dasiy Mae, but Daisy Mae is eerily mellow, and JoJo has a much more dog-like personality. And, she and Daisy Mae have the same coloring. They could be twins. The twins like Arnie and Danny in the movie. Daisy Mae outweighs JoJo by about 20 pounds. And JoJo runs laps around Daisy Mae in the yard. That 20 pound gap will shrink some, I think, as Daisy Mae does some running!

Her previous family had too much going on, and needed to rehome her. I, apparently, don't have quite enough going on, so here we are, 1 mama, 1 daddy, 3 daughters, 3 cats, 2 canines. Oh, and the worms. I have my worms. I don't know how many, though. Maybe I'm a bad worm-mama.

Oh, and according to her previous family, she doesn't like cats. (because of that concern, she came over initially to see how she reacted, if she was not cool with the felines, she would've gone back for them to find a different home) Turns out JoJo and THEIR cat didn't get along. Might be because JoJo would chase their cat, and their cat would run. Mine looked at her like she was a mild annoyance, and mostly ignored her. After a week, she's figured out that it's okay, but her first few days here, she would try to get the cats to look at her, and it drove her crazy that they wouldn't. And the whole not running away from her thing, well that really freaked her out.

We're still adjusting to life with 2 dogs, but adjusting in a good way.