Monday, July 18, 2011

goggles and ice packs

Sasha needs goggles, because her big sisters have goggles. She's yet to want to stick her head under water, but she still feels like she needs to wear her goggles. Too cute.

Anyway, this girl who must be just like her big sisters, but who is also entirely independent and free-thinking and unconcerned with the way things should be, has got some silly ideas about how the world works. So when she hurt her foot this afternoon and I held an ice pack on her foot, it didn't take long for her to take the ice pack out of my hands and off of her foot. Her right cheek needed the ice. Doesn't matter where she actually gets hurt, the right cheek always needs the ice. She tried holding the ice pack on both cheeks, but that was not as comforting as the right cheek alone. All this because the first time she used an ice pack, it was on her right cheek. I'm glad it was one of her northern cheeks, and not a southern cheek. And I kinda hope she never outgrows this oddity.


edited to add: is it difficult for anyone else to type 'goggles'? Google is such a part of my life, I kept typing 'google' and deleting to fix...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

baby names

Oiy, the baby name discussions have begun, and man, oh man, is it tough. We don't like trendy names. Andy has an aversion to old names. I'm with him on some... Bertha ain't ever gonna happen. But some old names? Some old names are just awesome. The man has no respect for the classics, I tell you!

LOVE the name Oscar, but seeing as that was our cat's name, we can't do that. Or I feel like we can't do that, at least. LOVE the name Ruth, but Andy cannot stand it. Ruth is the strongest contender for a girl's middle name, because Ruth is my grandmother's name - but Andy keeps hoping I'll agree to another name from that branch of the family tree...

Anyway, maybe we've found the perfect name. Boy or girl, it wouldn't matter (which is super cool, as each of our girls' names could be boy names. Anyway, this name is super unique, the kid would have an easy enough time learning to spell it, and it's just cute. Super cute. Drum roll, please....

Baby's name will be W. 'Dub' for short. Isn't that awesome? I don't know why we never thought of that before, but we LOVE it!

Hahahahaha. No, we don't love it. At all. But we think it's hilarious, so this kid is currently being called 'Dub.' Oh, and if I am creative and gutsy enough to post something to this effect on fb, please do me a favor and play along like you love it, okay? ;-)