Monday, July 26, 2010

Phew, look at all the dust and cobwebs in this blog!

*a-choo* Hey, it' s been awhile!

We had a great trip 'up north' to Wisconsin, with stops in Oklahoma and Missouri along with way. Oh, I miss Wisconsin folks. We saw so many good friends, it was wonderful.

And then we had our oldest niece, Marcelle (16) stay with us for a week. More fun, and more craziness!

So now we've been trying to settle back into being us, and it feels good. Still busy and crazy, because that's life, but oh, it feels good to be back to normal.

And, in other news, I've opened a site on etsy. Right now I just have some stars there, but once I figure out some details on my beaded garland, I'd like to sell those, too. :-) Feels good to get my craft on, I have to say.
I also pulled out my sewing machine and made a reusable snack bag (think ziploc, but no trash!). I LOVE it! Need to play with it some and see how it works before I get too excited, but it's looking promising.

So, how's your summer going?