Sunday, June 26, 2011

green planting and eating

I have an old dresser that came from my grandparents' house. Not antique-old, but junky-old, that we used for Sasha for awhile, until it became evident that multiple drawer-openings a day would not work. But I just couldn't toss it. Not because of sentimental reasons, but because there HAD to be another use for this wood, besides taking up space in the landfill.

I held on to this dresser for months, even though Andy wanted me to toss it. I had no plans for it, but I couldn't toss it. Then, a cousin-in-law posted a link on fb about repurposing an old dresser in to a planter. Genius!

Here's the first drawer I've converted. One drawer at a time, baby!

I'm even picturing turning the dresser frame up on it's back and planting potatoes or something similar.

And another thing... have you ever eaten pea tendrils? Holy _____. You must find some and try them. Apparently they are good sauteed or otherwise cooked, but my tendrils never got that far, as we all loved them raw - by themselves or in salad. (Here is someone else's blog post dedicated to pea tendrils, with more information AND pictures!) Suffice it to say, one of my miscellaneous containers will be holding pea tendrils as soon as it's cool enough to plant the little suckers.