Sunday, February 20, 2011


Obviously I'm not blogging much these days. Hopefully I'm taking a break, as I do enjoy it, and want to keep blogging. But these days it's just easier to leave the computer off and do other things, so that's what I'm doing. Other things.

Preschool - day-to-day work, plus planning the summer program, plus the weather + full moon have made the students crazy this week

Call Committee to find our church's new pastor

Chair of our "Commitment 2011" team at church (oops, how did I become Chair? Stinkin' Floating Hand Syndrome strikes again!)

wedding plans for someone dear to me

trying to figure out if Aubrey has a diagnose-able issue (seemingly severe lack of attention at lots of times) (ftr, I don't want her to need a diagnosis, but something is up, and if having a diagnosis will allow her to get some help, let's do it)

trying to pretend like I know how to keep a house sort of clean

planning our garden

house guests tomorrow - for a whole week

family drama caused by stupid relatives

girl scouts (no more cookies, though, thank God!)

dance class

play group - including the one that I'm hosting and need to prepare for

make a menu plan

feel guilty about all the eating out last week (which helps inspire the menu plan)

dramatic 8.5 yo drama, crazy 5 yo drama, 1.5 yo learning and practicing the drama

sleep deprivation due to mind-overload

So, basically, I'm just making my absence official. Because I like to be official. And hopefully I'll be back. Soon.