Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Today I woke up at 4 am feeling really well rested. That'll happen when I fall asleep before 9pm.

Today I have a lunch meeting for church. Woohoo, Chinese buffet!

Today I will clean the house as best I can. It will look like I did nothing, because right now all my best work is going into growing this baby. Seriously. I hurt if I bend down to the floor, and have to work entirely too hard to get up off the floor (where the bulk of our cleaning needs to happen today!). Maybe I can sweep everything into one big pile for people to grab their own crap to put away, then Andy can sweep all the rest into the trash.

Today we had a great morning. Even got to school a few minutes earlier than our usual just-on-time.

Today Lauren has her first dance class at her new dance studio. I am excited, and she is ridiculously excited.

Today Aubrey is planning ways to save the rainforest. That makes me ridiculously proud. I remember sending money to World Wildlife Fund when I was a kid.

Today Sasha came in from outside to tell me she had to poop, then proceeded to run to the toilet. Seriously big news, as this girl loves nature, and doing nature-like things out in nature.

Friday, October 14, 2011

One Kings Lane, anyone?

Have you been to this website? They have some pretty cool stuff. Some $$$ stuff. And some adorable, affordable stuff. (psst... scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'downstairs' - that's the bargain basement where I fell in love...) AND RIGHT NOW you can become a member and get a $15 credit. (And if you use this link, when you make a purchase with your credit, I get a $15 credit, just so you know.)

Look at what I just ordered, for $5.95 - that includes shipping. I am in love. This might be a Christmas present for my mom, or a Christmas present for Aubrey, Lauren & Sasha's mom, as I love it that much.

(Feed the birds is what that fancy script says, if you can't make it out. My love of Mary Poppins may have influenced this purchase slightly.)

(Sorry for any spam-ish feel, I just think it's cool that you can 'spend' $15 before opening your wallet!)

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today I am feeling very pregnant. And I hurt. And I am wishing it was November 10 instead of October 10.

Today there's no school, so we are a house full of laziness.

Today I want to make these. Thank you, pinterest. :-) Perfect timing, as last night Andy used the last dryer sheet.

Today is cloudy and muggy. And the yard is super muddy from all the rain this weekend. I've never been happier to have such a muddy backyard.

Today we are having baked cod for dinner. Whenever we have cod, I think about childhood Christmas Eve's - oyster stew (disgusting!), codfish gravy on baked potatoes (delicious - though it sounds disgusting!), hoska (our family Christmas bread), huge cans of black olives, pickled beets, enchilada casserole, and my Grandma Ruthie and Aunt Ibby.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


One of my friends posted what she did today, and since I'm in a bit of a blogging lull, I thought this might help me get back into things a bit. Thanks, Emily, for this idea that I stole. :-)

Today I stole this blog idea and re-posted my comment left at the scene of the crime as my very own post here.

Today I did NOT visit pinterest (this is news, I tell ya!).

Today I washed and hung one load of laundry out to dry.

Today the weather was gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

Today Sasha and I played in a park with friends.

Today the above-mentioned friends said I look noticeably bigger than a week ago AND that I am beautiful. (Seeing as I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant, both of these made me feel really good!)

Today I got annoyed with crappy grammar on facebook posts.

Today I baked chocolate-chocolate chip friendship bread.

Today I no-baked cookies.

Today dinner was cereal because the hour that I spend in the kitchen before dinner was taken up by emptying the dishwasher while arguing with the girls about helping to clean the living room. (The living room that would've taken about 5 minutes to pick up if we could've skipped the arguing.)

Today I looked at a pile of towels that needs to be folded.