Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magic Wand

It's like my fairy godmother waved her wand, and suddenly my baby isn't a baby anymore. And a small (very, very small) part of me longs for more baby-ness. But that is mostly, I think, because Andy has had surgery, so now we *can't*. And aren't things that are off-limits more enticing? All that to say that Zoe turned 1 last month. At 11 months she decided that food was acceptable, and she LOVES to eat. Just about anything. But, after last night, I can safely say pizza is her favorite. After meals there are always bits in the high chair. Not after pizza. Not one little bit escaped her. And she ate a TON. She still doesn't care to walk, but as in everything she's done, I know that once she starts, she'll be running, so, really, she can take her time. And she is such a little cuddle-bug. Still a happy, mellow child. And quiet, always observing her world. Reminds me so much of Aubrey like that. But with more chill thrown in. I do some signs with her, and she has her own versions, completely different than what I've shown her. But we mostly figure out what we are saying to eachother. (and that sounds fancy, that we do sign language with her. it's not. it's a very, very few signs. Mostly, NURSE and MORE. The MORE always being 'MORE food to eat.' She is incredibly enthusiastic with that sign. Especially on pizza night. And NURSE is usually signed with a head bob, indicating she is tired and ready to cuddle in. I don't think she can sign NURSE without dropping her head. It's very cute.

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  1. WOW!!! so amazing and so fun! it's crazy that your family grows up without any time passing at all...or so it seems anyways! as i always say: PICTURES!, please!! :)


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